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Meet Sara

Sara Brosious is a design studio based in historic Cranbury, NJ. Romantic yet modern, she specializes in crafting high-quality timeless bridal and special occasion accessories. After many years of designing contemporary womenswear in New York City, Sara fell in love with the bridal world when she became a bride herself in 2011. Her passion led her to design custom gowns (including her own) and ultimately transition into bridal accessories.

Sara draws inspiration from past decades, as well as her southern roots. Each accessory is handcrafted with the most luxurious fabrics and fine workmanship. Her love for pearls, bows and flowers are often incorporated into her designs and each piece is made in small production batches with lots of love.

Her logo is a nod to her namesake and grandmother, the late Sara Claire Peacock. The Peacock plume brand logo is a symbol of ornamental elegance and pride. Sara hopes to adorn women with beautiful accessories that will make them feel good. Whether outfitting women for a special event or wedding, her goal is to make women feel confident and loved.


Most of our pieces can be customized to create the wedding accessory of your dreams! 

Email with a custom request. We can't wait to hear from you!